CTXLogging now with support for Citrix Receiver

My PowerShell module to control logging of various Citrix components is now available in version 0.2. With it comes support to control Citrix Receiver logging.

Citrix Receiver is not a single piece of software. Instead it consists of multiple components. You are able to control the logging of three components: General, Authentication Manager and SelfService-PlugIn. Logging of all components is disabled by default and is controlled by registry keys. More information is available here: http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX132883.

My PowerShell module manipulates the needed registry keys. Version 0.2 publishes two new cmdlets:

  • Enable-CTXReceiverLogging
  • Disable-CTXReceiverLogging

You can define wich component you want to control with parameters. Below is an excerpt of the help.

Let’s enable logging for the Authentication Manager component:
That’s how you enable logging for all components:
You disable it in the same way:

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