Export And Import Citrix XenDesktop Published Apps

In one of my last projects I needed an automated way to migrate published apps from a Citrix XenDesktop test site to a production site. There is no way to do so in Citrix Studio. Additionally the customer has many published apps configured with FTAs, categories and so on I was sure I would have missed something if I had gone the manual way.

I headed over to my colleague Clemens Geiler and we talked and scripted. The outcome were two scripts, one to export all published apps to json files and one to import apps with the information of the exported json files. I will explain the scripts in this article but you also can scroll to the end and download them right away.

Before you start

  • Citrix is adding features in each new release. The scripts were developed for version 7.8. If you use them with a later version note that new options maybe not get considered. If we have new releases for newer versions, we will update this blog post accordingly.
  • PowerShell version 3 is required. Be sure to update to that version if you are using Windows Server 2008R2.
  • The scripts have to be executed on a Citrix Controller.
  • Run the scripts in an elevated powershell console.
  • If you want to see some logs, run the scripts with –Verbose parameter. 

Read the full article at sepago.de/blogs

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