About Me

Hi! My name is Dominik Britz out of Cologne, Germany. In the past I worked for the company sepago which you may know from the tool “sepagoPROFILE” what’s now “Citrix Profile Management”. Currently I’m employed as an IT System Architect at a large retail company. I’m doing Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop projects since more than seven years now. Since 2015 I’m also working with the VMware End User Computing stack – View, AppVolumes, UEM, etc.

At sepago we had a PowerShell framework to automate Citrix XenApp installations and I had the pleasure to be one of the developers. PowerShell has done it to me since I started to develop on the sepago framework. I don’t like the idea of doing things twice and I’m absolutely dote with automation. PowerShell is my instrument of choice because that’s the way to go today – I think you agree to me on that point. And that’s whats it’s about in my blog, bringing together PowerShell and the products I work with every day and to share this knowledge and scripts. Came here for the latest Citrix feature screenshots? Sorry dude.

Have fun!